How to Deal with unwanted damage during the renovation


How To Deal With Unwanted Damage During Renovation

Published On:- Wed, 13 Jan 2022

Renovating your or someone else’s home seems to be an exciting idea. It also needs to be done with utmost care or else things may get worse than what it was earlier. You will end up spending a huge amount on fixing these damages that unfortunately occurred because of the mistakes made by you or your contractor. Hiring an experienced contractor can secure and solve most of such issues. So always our first suggestion is to do proper research and hire a contractor who can handle and fulfil your needs, has the experience, and is willing to take responsibility if anything goes wrong.

 In this article, we have discussed some of the unwanted damage which can occur during your renovation process and how you can deal with them:


Unwanted Financial Damage:  Home Renovation is associated with a huge amount of money. So the financial risk is also high. One of the most common and unpredicted issues you may come across during your renovation process is getting out of budget. A wrong contractor can make things go worse not only by doing the wrong renovation but also by charging money for that to you. Apart from that, you may also get charged for extra material to correct these damages. 

To deal with such unwanted financial damage our advice is to prepare a nice agreement to secure yourself as much as possible. Given below points need to be taken care of while creating an agreement between you and your contractor.

  • The contract must have a fixed price and timeline

  • If any fault or damage occurs during the process then the contractor will have to take responsibility for it.

  • Potential defects to be completed if occur within 3 years of completion.


Reduced Value of Your Home:  You decided to renovate your home to make it look more beautiful and modern. This may increase its worth and can also help you in selling. But sometimes the reverse can also happen. Yes, some houses may get devalued. For example, adding unwanted and unnecessary products to your house during your house can decrease its value. Sometimes people don’t take care of construction legality and end up making illegal construction during the renovation process. This ultimately makes things more complicated during the inspection and can make your property lose more of its value until you fix it.

Therefore, getting the value of your property reduced is also unexpected damage to property that may occur due to renovation. So hire a contractor who can provide you details regarding this and it’s important to discuss with them the reason behind your renovation to keep both of you on the same page.

Unpredicted Subfloor Issues:- When you start your home renovation and you start discussing with your contractor the most unpredicted part you will ever find is the subfloor. You may not find the damage that much but when it gets disclosed by your contractor you will find that a large portion of the subfloor is water damaged or rotten. 

To correct this damage your contractor will tear your subfloor. Your subfloor damages need to be fixed to properly install the floor. This unpredicted damage will not increase your budget but can also affect your schedule. So to tackle this issue it is advised by us to ask your contractor to go through the entire site and try to provide you with the reason behind certain damages. This might help them to go deeper and notice this unpredicted damage.


Final Words: Renovation needs a deep study and planning before it is started on a site. It’s always better to do it with your contractor so that you don’t get our above-given issues during the process. 

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